Dolores Umbridge: Meddlesome Human

“Meddlesome Human” is a Harry Potter gen fic about Dolores Umbridge. It’s been written by Ayla Pascal.

Umbridge is probably the most hated character in the Harry Potter universe. However, this doesn’t mean one shouldn’t read fanfics about her. To be honest, although I hate her myself, I also find her a fascinating character; thus you can expect me to recommend more Umbridge fanfiction in the future.

This is Ayla Pascal’s take on what the centaurs may have done to Umbridge in OotP. It’s very well-written. As you read the fic, you feel that the characters’ thoughts and sensations are all real. The author’s ideas are truly convincing; they could be canonical indeed, for they do make sense.

Click here now to read this fanfic starring Dolores Umbridge and the centaurs.

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