Dolores Umbridge: Purity

“Purity” is a Harry Potter fanfic on Dolores Umbridge. The author is Ayla Pascal, aka curia_regis.

I told you I’d be back with more Umbridge fanfiction recommendations! 😉 Incidentally, my previous HP fic rec on this character dealt with an one-shot written by Ayla too.

This story explains why Dolores Umbridge hates half-breeds such as centaurs. Believe it or not, the author manages to portray Umbridge as a human being, rather than a heartless villain. You certainly won’t become an Umbridge supporter after reading this fic, but you may surprise yourself sympathising with her somehow. Lucius Malfoy’s fans will like his cameo appearance, as it enriches the plot.

Click here to read this HP fanfic featuring Dolores Umbridge.

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