Alice Longbottom, Marlene McKinnon, Various HP Characters: The Tick-Tick-Ticking of Your Heart

“The Tick-Tick-Ticking of Your Heart” is a Harry Potter fanfic. The author is Fly to Dawn.

This two-part fic is set in 1979; everything happens in the course of a night. We see several characters in action, such as Alice Longbottom, Marlene McKinnon, Andromeda and Ted Tonks, Minerva McGonagall, Sybill Trelawney, Hestia Jones, Emmeline Vance, Alastor Moody, Sirius Black and James Potter.

I hope this cast has made you interested. If it hasn’t, I assume you’re hesitating due to the amount of minor characters and name-onlys. Don’t let this stop you though; the author puts all of them to *very* good use. Yes, many of them are treated as OCs, since the books show us little or nothing about them, but fear not: this isn’t a Mary Sue/Gary Stu festival. Much on the contrary: what we have is a fascinating group of believable human beings.

Do you want to read some drama? You’ll find it in this story. Are you up for some duels? The fic has them too. Do you like to feel as if you’re watching the scenes in person? The ficwriter has seen to it that you’ll be there with the characters, thanks to the detailed descriptions. As you can see, this is that rare kind of story that has something for nearly every reader.

Click here now to read this excellent Harry Potter fanfic.

  1. December 23, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    Just a little note. I clicked on your “Marauder” tag and up came three tales, not a single one about one of my beloved Marauders! These would more accurately be tagged “First War” as “Marauder” is always about MWPP at Hogwarts, 1971-1979. Some of these characters may appear as their classmates but “Marauder era” is always used for tales in which the hallowed foursome are the stars.

    Full Disclosure- I’m a huge First War fan and love tales about all of the Blacks, members of the original Order of the Phoenix, Death Eaters and MWPP at Hogwarts so know of what I speak.

    • December 23, 2009 at 6:44 pm

      Some of these characters may appear as their classmates but “Marauder era” is always used for tales in which the hallowed foursome are the stars.

      I don’t agree with such claim, because it lacks evidence. I’ve seen various HP fic reccers on various blogs and journals using the same classification standards as I do. In order to claim that things are “always” done the way you think is right, you should know every single reccer out there, which would be humanly impossible. Now I’ll have to repeat something I’ve already told you in a previous comment, as I’m afraid you’ve either haven’t read it–although it was a direct response to you–or have chosen to ignore it:

      This is a personal fan blog, not an official source of HP info. Thus, there’s no reason why I should follow anyone else’s writing guidelines.

      Besides, I can’t understand why you’ve posted your little note on this particular entry, since it deals with a fic which is set in 1979 and includes two of the Marauders. That should meet at least part of your criteria, as different from mine as it is–unless you came here just to engage in nit-picking.

      Finally, you can always use the “character” categories on the sidebar if you want to read recs about your favourite characters, whomever they are.

      Full Disclosure: I’m the sole owner and editor of this blog and I’m not looking for a second editor. I fully support every reccer’s right to manage their own rec listings the way they see fit.

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